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Northants Ladies 14 - 30 Bucks Bunnies
Posted by bullet.gif Rowdie on July 23 2010
Firstly, well done to Rowdie on remembering we?re the AWAY team. That means fill out the right hand side, so we don?t all play the same people four times.

This time, much improved. One single tiny error.
Michaela Lester playing on their side. Michaela Lester playing on our side.

Easy mistake to make, she did used to play for them, after all.

Rowdie: Lester.
Fish: Murray?
Rowdie: What?
Fish: Murray.
Rowdie: Mint?
Fish: Errr, Michaela Lester playing Michaela Lester.
Rowdie: Oh I see. That should be Michaela Murray. She plays for Northants.
Fish: Indeed.
Rowdie: Michaela Lester used to play for Northants as well.
Fish: Shut up.

Anyway. Michaela Lester playing for both sides was the only mistake I made on the whole sheet. Apart from the other five scribblings out. Alright it was seven (or eight). I blame Larner.

So, Northants Ladies. This team have been rebuilding after a change of captain and the Oxford defections, and are having a really good season. The morning of the match, Northants Ladies were topping the Region 5 table (the Bunnies don?t like this), and understandably Northants were quite excited about it.

Usual first session. Be noisy. Demoralise the opposition as much as possible. Session score 10 ? 1. Only one useless idiot losing in the whole session (ahem), ruining our lovely ruler. I?m saying nothing.

Second set, 7-4, third 7-4. A bit ZZzzz, well aside from Toastie throwing her cue in the corner. Yes, of course she was trying to wake everyone up. What other reason could there possibly be?

Fourth session, panic sets in. Its 5-5 and we?re in danger of not winning the set AND not getting to 30. Who?s on? Cunningham. Oh, that?s alright then.

Final score 30-14 which bizarrely, Northants were quite happy with. Best ruler, a measley 7. Feeble. Not even close to the record of 14 set at Gloucester this year.

Northants Ladies should be up there be contending for the GY places at the end of the season, although my money?s on Becky and co from Worcester. Northants might just edge it on their middle order players, but Worcester have the class at the top end.

Congratulations to Michaela Lester for 4 / 4 and another POM. Maximums also coming from Kerry Ann and Emma, both having lost just 3 frames all season. 3/4 to Roo, Hooters and Rowds.

Looking at the EPA site, I?m loving the fact that E comes before K, and C comes before H, but Kerry Ann is still above Emma. Clearly a cunning plan to stop the rest of us region 5 ordinaries slumping into the ?we?re so mediocre? doldrums, by the Wookie winning absolutely everything on offer. In your face Cunningham lol

The Region 5 table now looks a whole lot nicer with the Bunnies top on 225, Northants next on 213 and Worcester in 3rd on 187. The Bunnies have played two games less than Northants and one game less than Worcester, happy days.

Unlucky to both men?s teams, congratulations to Mike and Neil on POMs. The Region 5 title is still there for the A team and having Neil coming into the squad certainly won?t do their chances any harm.

Up the Bucks, over and out.
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